Trail Run Spain.

Trail Running in Andalucia, Spain

Running and Training ‘holidays’ based in the Comarca de Alhama and Poniente Granadino regions of Granada Province, Andalucia. These ‘holidays’ can be as easy or as hard as you wish. They can be used to prepare you for marathons, half marathons, ultras, stage races, races in high temperatures, deserts or altitude.

Spectacular Mountain trails, Forest tracks and desert. Quiet roads – Beautiful scenery – Fantastic climate. Within an hour of the Sierra Nevada and the beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Join a regional race, try the ‘Lake Bermejales half+ marathon’, road or trail version, or run sections of the Al Andalus Ultra Trail. Try the STAAR, a tough new ultra tour taking in the Sierra Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama natural park and famous Andalucian white villages in the Axarquia.
Attend a ‘Desert Runner Training Camp’.

For runners of all abilities, solo, male or female, clubs or groups, whether you are experienced, just starting or enjoy mixing road with trail and mountain running. The trails and roads in this region of Andalucia provide a fantastic mix of forest, mountain and desert, single track, jeep track or quite back roads all within an hour of the Sierra Nevada or the Mediterranean beaches.
A visit can be arranged to coincide with entry for a local race, training can be structured to fit in with your personal goals or you can just run as you feel. A week can include a Lake lap half marathon, an Al Andalus Ultra trail stage, the STAAR or specific training for Marathon des Sables type races.

Trail Run Spain.

Trail Running

Trail running is running on surfaces other than tarmac and this can include, grass, canal tow paths, sand, forest tracks and fire breaks, open moorland and dirt roads.

During the late 1990's trail running was the biggest growth area of the sport. Road runners, many who had started running as a result of the big city marathon " craze " discovered the benefits of running off-road but trail running isn't a new discovery. Many experienced distance runners have always used the softer, more forgiving, trail surfaces to train on and in fact the earliest evidence of organized running dates back to 3800BC in Egypt.

There are many tracks and trails which, until fairly recent times, were the only way to travel between remote mountain villages and towns. Some trails or cañadas, have now become tarmac roads or have been " lost " to agricultural or home development. Some have recently been marked with signs saying " Via Pecuarias " ( drover's routes, marked by green posts with V.P. painted in white where they go off road or as a road sign with a cow on it ), others are marked by paint splashes or coloured bands and some are only known through local knowledge and / or many hours of " exploration ".

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Paul Batesons Run for Hearing Aid


In May, 2013, Paul ran a gruelling 1000km route around Granada province to raise money for Action on Hearing Loss (RNID). Read all about it at

Your Trail Week Outline

Running and Training ‘holidays’ based in the Poniente Granadino region of Granada Province, Andalucia. These ‘holidays’ can be as easy or as hard as you wish.

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Desert Runner Camps

Find out what it takes to compete in high temperatures over hostile terrain, with training from Paul Bateson, organiser of Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, UltimaFrontera160 and an MdS veteran. Read more >>

Desert Runner Traing Camps.

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Desert Runner Camp Dates
Request a 4 day training to suit your preparation.

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Trail Week Dates
Feb 20th - Feb 27th 2016
Mar 5th - Mar 12th 2016
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Paul Bateson.R.Paul Bateson, originally from England. Born 5/1/51 in Lancashire but moved to Yorkshire Dales in 1972. Now a resident of Spain since 2001 and living in Alhama de Granada in the area known as the Comarca de Alhama which is south west of Granada, Andalucia. With a background in printing, marketing and promotion, publishing, cycle racing, running and outdoor pursuits he brings a rare blend of talents to TrailRunSpain...

Trail Run Spain Supports -
Alandalus Ultimate Trail. Al Andalus Ultimate Trail
235km - 5 Days

Enter the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, Andalucia, Spain. Another extreme challenge.
Ultima Frontera 160.Ultima Frontera Trail.
21 / 55 / 83 / 166km

Enter the single stage Ultimate Race starting and ending in Loja, Andalucia, Spain.
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