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Jess Petersson, Sponsored Athlete (Coach) - Profile

Jess is a two time Olympian and a Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopeful athlete who uses her sport to promote human rights, the environment, health, and animal welfare issues.

Trail Run Spain is delighted to be a sponsor of Jess and she will be representing Trail Run Spain at events and will be accessible to our clients during their stay.

For our clients, it provides a unique opportunity to train with and learn from an Olympic athlete with more than 20 years endurance sport experience. Jess has many stories to tell and during her 15 years competing at pro and elite level has learnt many lessons from the rollercoaster world of pro sport.

Jess Petersson.

Jess was born in Denmark with dual nationality, Danish and Manx (Isle of Man). She has lived in many parts of the world before finding the outdoor paradise of Andalusia. She speaks fluent English, German and Danish and is currently learning Spanish.

Jess assists people totally new to sport find joy and confidence in cultivating a healthier lifestyle, and the seasoned athlete looking to make those game changing performance gains. She has worked in the active holiday industry internationally from as far back as 1995.

Jess’s coaching services and qualifications include:

To discuss your coaching options with Jess or to find out more information, you can connect directly at

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