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Over the years you get to see and use many products and sometimes you wish that they just had a modification that would make them perfect. This isn’t always possible especially as items are mass produced and often made in the Far East. This is no longer the case, the company called ARCh-MAX is based in Barcelona, the products are designed and made there and the company is always available to discuss and make modifications and improvements for customers.

They produce a 100 gram running sack which is amazingly comfortable and it will hold much more than it would appear capable of doing. Two 500 or 750ml bottles on the chest pockets plus food bars, gels, jacket, emergency kit, hat, gloves etc, in fact enough to take all the obligatory kit an event such as the UTMB requires, proved by the fact that last year the UTMB winner used ARCh-MAX kit.

An even more amazing item, which is really good when combined with the sack or used alone, is the Pro-belt. This is a 6 pocket belt, super light, fast drying with the addition of two elasticated loops with silicone gripper lining. The loops are designed to take 4 piece trail poles (eg MountainKing) making poles very easy to grab and use and replace very easily and when they are in place you won’t even know they are there. The front pocket is large enough to take any mobile phone and the rear pocket will take a windproof or soft bottle, other pockets are good for bars, gels, cash etc. The loops are also good for holding a jacket or soft bottle if not used for poles.

Archmax. Archmax rucksack. Archmax belt.

ARCh-MAX also produce socks with a patented arch support that are designed to prevent injuries to the feet, (shin splints, sprained ankle), reduce tiredness, improve blood circulation, protect the achiles tendon and provide functional support for plantar faciitis. Bold claims but they seem to work incredibly well.

The above mentioned items can be viewed and ordered via or through me if you prefer (I keep a stock for clients to test) and more items, inc a 60gram hydration pack, are on the way.

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