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STAAR start, Alhama de Granada. The STAAR.

The weather forecast was for sun, high temperatures on all days except the 3rd when we were to cross the mountains via Navachica. For that day it showed cloud and possible rain, unfortunate, but we hoped it would be wrong as quite often the weather changes are swift and happen during the night. It was a beautiful day as we walked to the chosen starting point, the Alhama de Granada Ayuntamiento. Paul Bateson. Read more >>

Ultra Running Vitamins.

There are presumably other causes of upper GI distress, because many runners encounter the problem even in cool weather and when consuming only 60 grams of carbohydrate per quart of water. Stress - either everyday emotional stress or race day stress - is one very likely cause. Drugs that block H2 receptors in the stomach, such as famotidine (Pepsid), cimetidine (Tagamet), or ranitidine (Zantac), offer a promising way to prevent this problem. ... by Dr Andrew Murray. Read more >>

Medications / Medical Kits for Ultra Running.

Each race will specify certain things that are mandatory. They may also recommend other items as recommended. This list will be different for different races, but will contain many of the same things. General principals are discussed, as well as a bit about specific medications. Of note if you are going somewhere exotic it’s a good idea to check with your doctor whether you need any vaccinations, or anti-malaria tablets etc. Carry your med kit in your hand luggage except sharp objects which need to go in the hold. ... by Dr Andrew Murray. Read more >>

Multi Day Desert Racing - Medical Preparation Tips.

Decent preparation will ensure you achieve your potential in Multi Day Events. It will also give you the best chance of avoiding medical problems and actually enjoying the race. Most problems can be predicted, and they can often be prevented. Much has been learnt since the first Marathon des Sables over 20 years ago, take advantage of this knowledge. What follows is based on personal opinions from experienced multi day runners, and experienced multi day medical directors, as well as sound evidence from textbooks. ... by Dr Andrew Murray. Read more >>

Heat Acclimatization.

Races over marathon distance such as ultras tend to be something that you progress to, but the one type of event which defies this logic is the multi-stage, multi day ultra across remote and exotic landscapes. The granddaddy of these is the Marathon des Sables and after 25yrs and despite the high entry fee it now attracts 800 entries, many are first time ultra runners and the highest entry numbers after the French, (the event is organized by the French) come from the UK. ... by Paul Bateson. Read more >>

Good feet or Defeat.

It doesn’t matter how fit a runner you are, what your resting heart rate is, how well kitted out you are – if your feet suffer then so will you. For shorter events like half marathons you can get away with the odd blister, although these shouldn’t happen, but start entering marathons and progress to ultra’s and stage races then the one thing which will ruin your race, and maybe end it, is foot problems. ... by Paul Bateson.

Coventry University Research. ( Updated 17/08/2012)

At Al Andalus Ultimate Trail 2011 a Coventry University research team, led by Dr. Ricardo Costa, (who also competed), conducted a survey which further extended the study done during the 2010 race. The Assessment of Nutritional & Hydration Habits of Ultra-Marathon Runners during a Semi Self-Sufficient Ultra-Marathon Competition in a Hot Ambient Environment. ... by Paul Bateson

Mud, Sweat, and Tears - Book Review.

Mud, Sweat, and Tears - By Moire O’Sullivan. In July 2008, Moire O’Sullivan made a solo attempt on the Wicklow Round, a grueling endurance run spanning 100 kilometers over 26 of Ireland’s remotest mountain peaks. After 22 hours, she collapsed, just two summits from the end. Battered and bruised, yet undeterred, she returned a year later to become the first person ever to complete the challenge...

Ultra Hydration Study.

Water and sodium intake habits and status of ultra-endurance runners during a multi-stage ultra-marathon conducted in a hot ambient environment: an observational field based study...

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