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When I first began racing, (road bikes, followed by fell and mountain running), gels didn’t exist. Not sure when they first appeared but over the past 12 years I have tried quite a few and I was never over keen on them, until now. Earlier this year I discovered that the USA product, GU, was available in Spain and as my Team Axarsport promotion, needed to have gels for the runners I got in touch with GU. They responded very quickly. They sent me samples of 9 flavours of GU plus GU Roctane and Chomps. Amazingly ever flavour is excellent, none are too sweet or sickly and they are a pleasure to eat.

I will keep this brief as the company has an excellent website (

GU : Now available in 10 flavours with the recent addition of Peanut Butter. All great tasting, some with additional caffeine, including 2 with a double shot. The packet is limited to 100 calories because, in general, the body can digest roughly 350 cal per hour during exercise. Try to eat more and the body diverts blood from your muscles so you slow down. Recommendation is one every 45min but if working hard then you could try one every 30min. Sip water along the way.

Roctane Ultra Endurance Gel : This is specifically formulated for more intense training and racing. Same amount of calories as GU, Vitamins C and E removed but with OKG added, an amino acid which lessens muscle damage and speeds recovery. GU and Roctane can be alternated during a race or training session. Don’t forget to drink around 500 to 800 ml of fluid an hour.

Chomps : basically GU in a chewable form, a bit more ‘hi-tec’ than jelly babies, a packet will give you 8 Chomps/2 servings which will fuel 1.5 to 2 hours of activity. 6 flavours available and they include amino acids, vitamins C and E and electrolytes. The Strawberry and Cranberry Apple flavours also contain caffeine.

GU now available from TrailRunSpain shop and at Al Andalus Ultimate Trail and Ultima Frontera 160.

Paul Bateson.

GU Products.
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