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Mountain King Trekking Poles

Mountain King is a British company that makes high quality trekking poles in their UK factory for Expedition/Hiking use. Their Trail Blaze poles are perfect for ultra stage races, single stage ultras and any long days out in hard terrain. Anyone who has used poles when racing or training knows the advantages they can give you.

The Trail Blaze is a 4 section 70001 aluminium alloy pole with a carbide wear tip, wrist strap and airflow grip available in two lengths, 110cm (weight 110grams) and 120cm (115grams) and when folded the pair take up very little space. The poles come with a handy storage bag and trekking baskets.

Mountain King Trail Blaze poles are stocked in the TrailRunSpain store but if you are attending a training camp or trail week and want to buy some please pre order. As a guide, if you are under 178cm/5ft 10in choose the 110cm. Colours available, Black, Blue, Magenta or Orange.

Price 75.00 euros a pair.

Paul Bateson.

Mountain King Trekking Poles.
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