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Elete Water. Elete Water.

Elete is an electrolyte concentrate which contains no sweetners, flavouring or calories. It is easy to take and is compatible with hydration packs, ( which means it doesn’t stain, leave a smell or funny aftertaste, or grow fuzzy stuff in the bladder or hose ). Elete is made up of Sodium, Magnesium, Chloride and Potassium and 2.15ml / half a teaspoon... Read more >>

UK Gear PT 1000NC Shoe. UK Gear PT 1000NC Shoe.

The shoe is packed with very innovative features but for me it isn’t just the fact that the soles will do the distance, it is also amazing that the uppers also perform to match. In practically every other shoe I have used it is the uppers which breakdown first, usually across the bend point outer edges which become full of holes very quickly. The 1000’s uppers are still in very good condition after 1000 miles and look good... Read More >>

Mountain King Trekking Poles. Mountain King Trekking Poles.

Mountain King is a British company that makes high quality trekking poles in their UK factory for Expedition/Hiking use. Their Trail Blaze poles are perfect for ultra stage races, single stage ultras and any long days out in hard terrain. Anyone who has used poles when racing or training knows the advantages they can give you...

GU. GU Products.

When I first began racing, (road bikes, followed by fell and mountain running), gels didn’t exist. Not sure when they first appeared but over the past 12 years I have tried quite a few and I was never over keen on them, until now. Earlier this year I discovered that the USA product, GU, was available in Spain and as...

Archmax. Archmax.

Over the years you get to see and use many products and sometimes you wish that they just had a modification that would make them perfect. This isn’t always possible especially as items are mass produced and often made in the Far East. This is no longer the case, the company called ARCh-MAX is based in Barcelona...

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